Virginia Beach and Hampton Police assist in 13 prostitution arrests in Williamsburg (audio)

Williamsburg Police have arrested 13 people in connection with a prostitution investigation.

Police in a news release Wednesday said the investigation started in November 2019 to “target prostitution in the City of Williamsburg.”

The investigation involved five undercover operations “at various locations” throughout the city, police said.

Police spokesman John Heilman said the locations were “primarily along Richmond Road and York Street.”

Authorities did not release much about the operation, citing an open investigation.

Here’s a list of those arrested and their charges in connection with the operation. All of the suspects have been released on summons, Heilman said:

  • Herberth Marroquin-Lopez, 38, Williamsburg — soliciting prostitution
  • Dwayne Futrell Jr., 32, Newport News — soliciting prostitution
  • Christopher French, 38, Hayes — soliciting prostitution
  • Jose Delgado, 31, Williamsburg — frequenting a bawdy place
  • Pedro Lopez-Lopez, 29, Manassas — soliciting prostitution
  • Tyler Crandall, 35, Whitestone — soliciting prostitution
  • Eduardo Garcia-Escobar, 34, Williamsburg — soliciting prostitution
  • Shonte Hutchinson, 43, Hampton — soliciting prostitution and posession of marijuana
  • Ruben Todd, 52, Williamsburg — frequenting a bawdy place
  • John Sayoun, 43, Williamsburg — soliciting prostitution
  • Richard Reyes, 46, Williamsburg — soliciting prostitution
  • Walter Gard, 52, Williamsburg — soliciting prostitution
  • Penny Sampson, 38, Newport News — prostitution (photo unavailable)

The investigation “targeted unlawful activity and not specific properties,” said Williamsburg Police Chief Sean Dunn in the news release.

He said the investigation also highlights the on-going issue of human trafficking in the area and that it is “fitting” the investigation ended in January, which is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.

“When you pay a prostitute for sex, too often, the person you are paying is a victim and not an entrepreneur as some would have you believe,” he said. “This operation should serve as a testament that we will be vigilant in addressing this issue.”

The investigation was done with help from the Hampton Roads Human Trafficking Task Force, the Virginia Beach Police Department, Hampton Police Department, Homeland Security Investigations.

Authorities urge anyone with information about human trafficking in the area to contact the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 888-373-7888 or the Williamsburg Police Department at 757-220-2331.

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