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‘She’s got the whole package’: Virginia Beach has a rising star ophthalmologist

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Dr. Elizabeth Yeu’s interest in anatomy started early. Growing up in Queens, N.Y., she would seek out green spaces where she could look for animals. “I...

Even younger adults should know the signs of colon cancer

Several years ago, I began noticing many of the patients who came to me to be treated for rectal cancer were quite young. A...
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April is oral cancer awareness month.

Virginia Beach small business owners to hold fundraiser for rare but growing cancer

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The doctors kept insisting that Joe Cromwell, of Virginia Beach, had TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder), even though he had textbook symptoms of throat cancer:...

Virginia Beach life coach uses calls, text to send positivity around the globe

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VIRGINIA BEACH — While doing facials on clients several year ago in her hometown of Lynchburg, Va., Kessley McCormick began cultivating her purpose in...

Hampton Roads is one of nation’s three colon cancer hotspots

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When Diane Kesterson of Virginia Beach read about a recent study on the notable uptick of colon cancer among young people, it hit home...

Local course teaches people with PTSD, anxiety the benefits of breathing deeply

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MichaelAnn Crowe has a stressful job. The 31-year-old teaches emotionally troubled children in third through fifth grade at Greenbrier Intermediate in Chesapeake. “They throw things....

Virginia Beach businesses to shine blue Sunday for autism awareness

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VIRGINIA BEACH — Autism affects one in every 68 children and costs a typical family in the United States $60,000 per year, according to...

Once on death’s doorstep, a Virginia Beach diabetes patient is spreading awareness about condition

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For Virginia Beach DJ Bruce Silverman, life has changed dramatically. He sips water late at night, instead of the couple of cocktails that used...