Where We Live: Secluded brick manor maximizes bayfront living

This home is situated on the Lynnhaven River and has a large pool and dock for outdoor activities

VIRGINIA BEACH — Not long ago, the thriving neighborhoods along Little Neck Road were primarily populated with birds, shellfish, and lush forest.

Now, the communities lining the estuaries of the Lynnhaven River are filled with beautiful homes, like this Colonial style single-family home, built on the shore of Wolfsnare Creek.

The Lynnhaven River has long been a source of nourishment and income for the inhabitants of Tidewater, and in the early 20th century, most people who lived along Little Neck Road were expert crab-pickers and fishermen. Now, families like the Russos enjoy a bay lifestyle in homes adjacent to the water.

This brick home was built in 1972 and purchased by Rudolph and Ada Russo in 1979.

The original floor plan included 5 bedrooms and a two-car garage as well as a pool. After a few years, the Russos completed a significant addition to the front of the house, enlarging it by three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a much larger kitchen, and an additional garage.

The renovation also turned the former living room into a generous master suite, complete with fireplace and a double-vanity bath.

The most distinctive feature of this home is its water accessibility and outdoor living space — the home’s unique positioning on an isthmus into Wolfsnare Creek, beautiful views of the water and wildlife can be seen from almost every vantage of the house.

Behind the home is a long dock that houses a fishing boat.

Throughout the summer, family members and friends still make use of the home’s placement on the Lynnhaven River for recreational fishing and crabbing. Son-in-law Jeff Kent said, “The dock is close enough to the open bay to reach fun restaurants by boat. Between May and September the crabbing is plentiful. We catch many species of fish including flounder, spot, croaker, bluefish, and red drum.”

In addition to the activities available along the river, the house also has a wide, pool-side deck with plenty of seating and space for outdoor games.

The large back lawn is perfect for family gatherings. 

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