Where We Live: A colonial home with a whimsical treehouse

This Bay Colony home features classic construction and a backyard paradise for children

VIRGINIA BEACH — If you had been instructed to design a backyard at age 8, it probably would have looked something like the luscious green space tucked behind this home in the Bay Colony area here.

The colonial style house is painted the palest yellow and is accented with deep olive green trim. Simple but appealing shrubs and hardwoods grace the sloping front lawn.

This 5-bedroom home also has a ‘generous’ screened-in back porch.

Owners Chris and Libby Kurz moved into the home in 2012, and have since transformed the backyard into a piece of paradise for their three children.

Chris, 43, designed and built an architecturally impressive treehouse, which is perched on a high limb and overlooks lush green grass, a variety of swings, and custom gymnastics equipment for family practice sessions.

A glimpse into this ‘Goonies’-style backyard conjures visions of hot summer nights, popsicles, and star-gazing. 

The inside of the home home is no less inviting.

As part of an ongoing renovation project, the owners have opened up the kitchen and living areas.

The sitting rooms and dining room are decorated with a unique Bohemian flair. A multitude of houseplants are displayed on tables and in baskets, and carpets overlay the bright hardwoods.

A blank page

Libby, 37, said her style was strongly influenced by her mother – a lifelong thrift and consignment shopper. In the home, Libby mixes inherited items with pieces that she “recreates” in her own style.

“I’m proud of the eclectic blend of traditional and modern and Bohemian styles in my home,” Libby said. “I see my home as another canvas in my life, much like a blank page, that I get to paint or write on or to express my story.”

For similar design examples, here is a link to her favorite design blog, The Jungalow

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