Thrive Proactive Health

Meet Maureen Moore from Thrive Proactive Health; the region’s premier therapy clinic offering clients unique solutions to optimize their health and mental performance.

Do you have a nickname? What is it?
M: Mo – I used to play baseball and I was the only girl on the team and one of the moms asked if she could call me Mo and then it stuck.

What is one food that you will not eat?
M: Olives. They contaminate everything that they are on.

What was your favorite movie?
M: Step Brothers with Will Ferrell

If someone was to give you a gift (money’s no object) what would you want?
M: I would love for my family to go on a cruise to the Bahamas together.

What is your biggest fear?
M: I hate fish. I hate being in the water with fish.

What is the one quality you admire most in others?
M: Compassion – being able to give to others without thinking about themselves first.

Where is the next place you want to visit?
M: I would love to go to San Diego.

If you had to pick one place in town to take a tourist, where would it be?
M: I love the Shore Drive area because it is very local and there are great places to eat down there and local businesses.

Describe your perfect day off.
M: First I would start my morning with a massage. I love to be active, so then I would take a walk with my husband and our 3 dogs. We would go to the beach to read and relax, and do some stand up paddle boarding. Then that evening, just be with friends and family and have a cook out.

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