Pictures: Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office welcomes new graduates

The Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office welcomed a new class of deputies to the force at a graduation ceremony Monday.

The graduation, which took place at the Virginia Beach Law Enforcement Training Academy, honored 17 deputies who recently underwent 16 weeks of basic training, according to a Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office news release.

Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office deputies have to prove they’ve got what it takes to serve the city before they make it to graduation.

Before entering basic training, deputy hopefuls spend a few months working in the Virginia Beach Correctional Center. After that, if they’re still interested in pursuing a position with the sheriff’s office, they complete 16 weeks of basic training where they learn about stress management, unusual inmates and cultural diversity, said Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Kathy Hieatt.

“This is no minor task,” Sheriff Ken Stolle said at the graduation. “I’ve never seen a more challenging time to be in law enforcement.”

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