Pictures: ODU student shoots series on violence in the media

Violence is everywhere.

It’s in the music we listen to, the news we consume and the television shows we watch.

And while it surrounds us, many people seem unaware of it until it affects someone they love, said photographer Nathan Croslin.

The 20-year-old Old Dominion University student addressed violence in the media in an untitled, six-photo series that draws viewers into the world of shooters and their victims. He focused on angles, hand gestures and desaturation to show his subject’s anger, pain and fear.

Croslin uses the word “media” as a blanket term that includes music, video games, news and television. He believes that the media’s over-saturation of violent images and messages has desensitized people, making it harder for them to have empathy for victims.

And while Croslin doesn’t expect social change to arise from his photo series, he hopes people will analyze the violence they are exposed to, and how it shapes who they are.

“No one ever feels affected until it’s someone close to them. We don’t care,” Croslin said. “We are numb to stuff that happens in the media, and we need to understand that.”


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Adrienne Mayfield is an award-winning, multi-media journalist hailing from Clermont, Fla. She moved to Lynchburg, Va. on a whim when she was 19, and worked her way to Hampton Roads in 2013. Adrienne is passionate about telling people stories via covering public safety and the judicial system. She isn’t afraid to take a heads-on approach to covering crime, including knocking on doors to get the details police aren’t sharing. Adrienne is a 2014 Old Dominion University graduate who still lives within walking distance of the college. You may see her cruising around Downtown Norfolk on her bike, enjoying a sandwich from Grilled Cheese Bistro or playing fetch with her dog, Greta, at the Colonial Place dog park.