Virginia Beach 2016 graduating class offered $76 million in scholarships, most in district’s history

VIRGINIA BEACH – The city public schools’ class of 2016 received the largest amount of scholarships for any graduating class in the division’s history, according to a release.

Graduating seniors were offered $76.9 million in scholarships and have accepted $49.8 million as of Tuesday. The scholarships were granted by in-state and out-of-state institutions to students from the city’s 11 public high schools.

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The scholarship totals have been on the rise. The class of 2012 was offered $43.2 million in scholarships and accepted $32.7 million; the class of 2014 was offered $66.3 million and accepted $41.2 million; and the class of 2015 was offered about $70 million and accepted $45 million.

“We are thrilled that so many of our seniors will have additional support for their future as granted by higher education institutions, schools, agencies, organizations and foundations,” Superintendent Aaron Spence said in the release.

Renewable scholarships were multiplied by four to contribute to the $76 million total. The dollar value of Pell grants, work study and loans accepted by graduates was not included.

The school division encourages students and families to take advantage of the many available scholarships, Spence said. The division’s website offers a portal, Scholarship Central, for students to view and learn about the opportunities.  Students can also call the Office of Student Support Services at 757-263-1980 to learn more.

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