Hampton Roads lacrosse boys and girls all-conference teams

The Hampton Roads Lacrosse League released its high school All-Southside boys and all-conference girls teams. Virginia Beach was represented well on both lists.

Boys All-Southside First Team:

  • Daniel Bertka, freshman attack (Cox)
  • Ewan Temple, sophomore attack (Cox)
  • Bryant Baus, senior attack (Great Bridge)
  • Matthew Broccoletti, junior midfield (Cox)
  • Michael Broccoletti, junior midfield (Cox)
  • Danny Horowitz, junior midfield (Hickory)
  • Jack Notarnicola, senior defense (Grassfield)
  • Jacob Boynewicz, junior defense (Cox)
  • Andrew Bertka, junior defense (Cox)
  • Ben Meister, senior goalie (Great Bridge)
  • Matthew DeMasi, senior long-stick midfield (Cox)
  • Austin Fullwood, senior faceoff (Landstown)

Boys All-Southside Second Team:

  • Noah Rude, senior attack (Grassfield)
  • Alex Summers, junior attack (Hickory)
  • Nick Koelsch, junior attack (Hickory)
  • Jake Blaha, sophomore midfield (Kellam)
  • Jakob Herslow, senior midfield (Cox)
  • Jackson Rush, senior midfield (Great Bridge)
  • Tommy Schrantz, sophomore defense (Kellam)
  • Anthony Garofalo, senior defense (Kellam)
  • Ben Matthews, junior defense (Grassfield)
  • Tyler Perry, senior goalie (Kellam)
  • James Dublin, senior long-stick midfield (Landstown)


Girls All-Conference First Team:

  • Emily Brown, senior attack (First Colonial)
  • Jackie DiFulvio, senior attack (Tabb)
  • Brooke Lewis, senior attack (Cox)
  • Alyssa Miller, sophomore attack (Kellam)
  • Helen Harris, junior midfield (Grafton)
  • Carson Meek, junior midfield (Maury)
  • Sydney Blacklock, sophomore midfield (Tabb)
  • Daryl Ann Coss, sophomore midfield (Kellam)
  • Sianna Haws, senior defense (Kellam)
  • Logan VanMeter, senior defense (First Colonial)
  • Rebecca Gaddy, junior defense (Maury)
  • Claudia Hasenfang, sophomore defense (Grafton)
  • Frances Moore, junior goalie (Maury)

Girls All-Conference Second Team:

  • Gail Kelly, senior attack (Cox)
  • Ashley Shoop, junior attack (Kellam)
  • Julianna Cooper-Skolinick, sophomore attack (Kellam)
  • Emma Camp, freshman attack (Great Bridge)
  • Mya Isley, senior midfield (Great Bridge
  • Emma Johnson, senior midfield (Cox)
  • Kendra Walker, senior midfield (Poquoson)
  • Jessica Sawyer, senior midfield (Tabb)
  • Rebecca Bilokon, senior defense (First Colonial)
  • Linda McGowan, senior defense (Cox)
  • Taylor Straus, junior defense (Grafton)
  • Maggie Tullos, sophomore defense (Tabb)
  • Casey McCabe, sophomore goalie (Tabb)
  • Maddie Waterman, senior goalie (Kellam)

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