Halfway across the country and five years later, man’s cat is found in Virginia Beach

Nicholas Kramer reunites with cat after five years (Photo by Morgan Mangelsen)
Nicholas Kramer reunites with his cat, Grim, after five years. (Photo by Morgan Mangelsen)

A cat that wound up in Virginia Beach has been reunited with its owner five years after the pet went missing — in Minnesota.

Nicholas Kramer received news last week that Virginia Beach’s Animal Care and Adoption Center had scanned the chip belonging to Grim, his cat that never came home one night all those years ago in Minneapolis. His old pet was safe and in good hands, albeit 1,300 miles away.

The Twin Cities-based City Pages ran an account Tuesday of the reunion. Kramer gave an interview by phone later in the day to Southside Daily.

He said he had met his furry companion more than a decade ago and remained close with the animal until the time Grim didn’t come home. He was accustomed to the cat wandering and returning by dinner.

(Photo by Morgan Mangelsen)
Kramer, Mangelsen and Grim. (Photo by Morgan Mangelsen)

Last week, the microchip company 24PetWatch called Kramer with a surprise: Grim’s chip was scanned at the Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center. Kramer set off on a road trip from Minneapolis with his girlfriend, Morgan Mangelsen.

The Beach’s animal care staff was great, Kramer said.

“They gave us a cat carrier and food and litter,” he said. “Absolutely amazing people.”

(Photo by Morgan Mangelsen)
Kramer and Grim after their reunion. (Photo by Morgan Mangelsen)

Kramer and Mangelsen, students at the University of Minnesota who are finishing graduate degrees, took advantage of their spring break while in the area.  They took Grim on a cat walk by the ocean before heading home.

“We thought we might as well go to the beach at least once,” Kramer said. “We didn’t want to leave him in the car, so we took him down to the beach with us.”

Kramer speculated in the City Pages story that someone had found Grim as a stray in Minnesota, never took the cat to a shelter to check his microchip and eventually moved east. The cat is now 12, the account said.

Kramer said he thinks Grim remembers him: The cat meowed when they reunited and sat in his old friend’s lap the whole ride home.

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