Virginia Beach swimmer competes in 20-kilometer open-water event in Australia

Robin Lang swims in Australia's Rottnest Channel Swim. (Courtesy of Carrie Duffy)
Robin Lang swims in Australia’s Rottnest Channel Swim. (Courtesy of Carrie Duffy)

Robin Lang, a 2006 graduate of First Colonial High, swam in the annual Rottnest Channel Swim last weekend off the coast of western Australia. She finished the world-renowned, 20-kilometer (12.4 miles) open-water swim in 6 hours, 37 minutes, averaging just over 20 minutes per kilometer, and placing 35th among women, according to these online results.

Here’s what Lang, 27, had to say about the event, as quoted in a release from Carrie Duffy, a spokeswoman for TIDE Swimming:

I could have swum the event faster, but the water was so cold. The water started out perfect but in a boat channel off shore it dropped to 18 degrees Celsius, which Im not sure what that is in Fahrenheit, other than miserable. The air was 39C/100F, so I was breathing every other stroke just to have my face out of the water more.

Robin Lang with a quokkas in Australia. (Courtesy of Carrie Duffy)
Robin Lang with a quokkas in Australia. (Courtesy of Carrie Duffy)

Lang began swimming for TIDE Swimming in the eighth grade and is now a TIDE Swim Team Masters member. She was inducted into First Colonial’s Sports Hall of Fame for a career that included a 2004 state title with the Patriots’ 200 freestyle relay team.

Lang works at Hot House Yoga in Virginia Beach and is the mid-Atlantic representative for Jolyn Clothing. She graduated from the University of Virginia and is pursuing a master’s degree in global health from Northwestern University.

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