Virginia Beach School Board commends superintendent for response to recent threats

Virginia Beach public schools have experienced at least three threats since Dec. 7 — one to Green Run High School, one to Princess Anne High School and another on Monday that didn’t name a school. None was deemed credible by the Police Department.

On Tuesday, School Board Chairman Dan Edwards commended Superintendent Aaron Spence for how he has handled the scares.

“On behalf of the Board I would like to thank you for your firm leadership in responding to some recent threats that came to our schools,” Edwards said. “Your guidance to the parents and to the students and leadership is appreciated by the board and the community.”

Spence sent an email to families following the Princess Anne threat, urging them to check in on their children’s social media use and asking for their help to stop repeat incidents.

“While we are not alone in dealing with this issue, we stand committed to student safety and recognize that this behavior has to stop,” he said in the email.

The district sent another email after the latest incident and attached a tip sheet on how to be a “responsible digital citizen.”

“We again urge you to talk with your children about responsible use of social media and the very real consequences of reckless behavior,” the email said.

The Police Department said Tuesday they had arrested a 15-year-old Kellam High School student in the latest incident and charged him with one felony count of electronically communicating a threat to a school. The teenager is is being held at the Virginia Beach Juvenile Detention Center.

He is the second student to be charged with that crime in the past week in connection with the recent rash of threats.

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