Former employees of Virginia Beach-based business convicted in Medicaid fraud scheme

Ten former employees of a Virginia Beach-based counseling business were convicted and sentenced for a scheme to defraud the Virginia Medicaid Assistance Program, according to federal prosecutors.

The U.S. Department of Justice said in a release Monday that those convicted were employees of Progressive Counseling Services, LLC. They created fake assessments of Hampton Roads patients or filed documents for counseling sessions that never occurred in order to fraudulently bill Medicaid for mental health support services, according to the release. The illegal activity happened in 2011 and 2012, it said.

The sentences ranged from three years and five months to nine years.

The DOJ released the following information on the 10 people convicted in the scheme:

Name, Age, Hometown

Sentencing Information

David Weaver, 71, of Chesapeake Sentenced on June 5 to 72 months in prison
Doretha Selby-Diggs, 40, of Portsmouth Sentenced on Feb. 18 to 60 months in prison
Lisa Barrett, 49, of Norfolk Sentenced on March 4 to 96 months in prison
Barbara Bing Banks, 34, of Hampton Sentenced on Oct. 30 to 41 months in prison
Corey Etheridge, 42, of Chesapeake Sentenced on July 1 to 72 months in prison
Jacqueline Harris, 34, of Portsmouth Sentenced on March 4 to 60 months in prison
Verline Harris, 48, of Virginia Beach Sentenced on Oct. 27 to 108 months in prison
Arlette Johnson, 58, of Virginia Beach Sentenced on Nov. 6 to 96 months in prison
Alfreda Stallion, 52, of Virginia Beach Sentenced on Nov. 30 to 90 months in prison
Johnny Stallion, 34, of Las Vegas Sentenced on Nov. 16 to 60 months in prison


Weaver, Selby-Diggs, Barrett, Etheridge, and Jacqueline Harris all pleaded guilty to various charges associated with the scheme, according to the release.  Banks, Johnson, Verline Harris, Alfreda Stallion and Johnny Stallion were convicted after a month-long jury trial.

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