Virginia Beach Police surveillance camera locations at Oceanfront

The Virginia Beach Police are updating and increasing the number of public surveillance cameras at the Oceanfront to 85 from 19. The first phase of the $7.5 million project will be completed by July, at which point 25 of the new cameras will be in place.

You can see where all those cameras will go on these maps, which were provided by the Police Department. The first map shows where the cameras will go if the planned arena is built by the Virginia Beach Convention Center. The second shows where they would go if the arena is not built.

A few tips: You’ll need to zoom in quite far to see exact locations. Each map includes a color-coded key in its bottom-left corner, but we’ll provide some of that information here to make navigation easier:

  • Yellow: Existing traffic cameras
  • Red: Proposed arena cameras
  • Blue: Proposed cameras phase 1
  • Green: Proposed cameras phase 2
  • Purple: Proposed cameras phase 3

Planned camera locations with arena:

[pdf-embedder url=””]


Planned camera locations without arena:

[pdf-embedder url=””]

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