Field hockey All-Coastal Conference: FC’s Schleicher nabs POY, Cox’s Swain COY

Field Hockey All-Coastal Conference teams

Cox's Leah Crouse (left) and First Colonial's Haley Schleicher stare down a loose ball in Saturday's 6A State field hockey champsionship. (Joe Saade/Southside Daily)
Cox’s Leah Crouse (left) and First Colonial’s Haley Schleicher stare down a loose ball in Saturday’s 6A State field hockey champsionship. (Joe Saade/Southside Daily)

Player of the Year: Haley Schleicher, First Colonial

Coach of the Year: Julie Swain, Cox

First Team

  • Aaliyah Carter-Hernandez, sophomore, goalkeeper (Bayside)
  • Cassidy Atchison, junior, center back (Cox)
  • Alex Brewer, senior, forward (Cox)
  • Leah Crouse, junior, midfielder (Cox)
  • Alexis Gingerich, junior, forward (Cox)
  • Marlee McClendon, senior, center back (First Colonial) 
  • Riley Taylor, sophomore, forward (First Colonial)
  • Cameron Strickland, junior, forward (First Colonial)
  • Haley Schleicher, senior, midfielder (First Colonial)
  • Natalie Belden, junior, forward (Kellam)
  • Sophia Kottmer, senior, midfielder/center back (Kellam)
  • Meredith Phillips, junior, center back/midfielder (Kellam)
  • Janine Deperio, senior, midfielder (Landstown)
  • Kerrie Lorrenze, sophomore, midfielder (Ocean Lakes)
  • Jennifer Zellers, freshman, goalkeeper (Ocean Lakes)
  • Rosalee O’Neal, senior, center back (Tallwood)

Second Team

  • Jillian Cruz, senior, midfielder (Bayside)
  • Georgia Drescher, junior, center back (Cox)
  • Ashley Drum, junior, forward (Cox)
  • Cameron Felch, senior, center back (Cox)
  • Phoebe Large, junior, midfielder (Cox)
  • Anna Brunick, freshman, midfielder (First Colonial) 
  • Michelle Taylor, senior, center back (First Colonial)
  • Annie Miller, junior, center back (First Colonial)
  • Margot Brown, sophomore, center back (Kellam)
  • Hannah Tammaro, senior, forward (Kellam)
  • Amanda Yermal, sophomore, center back (Kellam)
  • Sydney Tiaba, senior, center back (Landstown)
  • Delaney Hinkley, sophomore, forward (Ocean Lakes)
  • Danielle Pascanik, junior, center back (Oceam Lakes)
  • Ysabella Bettilyon, junior, forward (Tallwood)
  • Maya Forbes, junior, midfielder (Tallwood)

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