‘Aquatic Illusions’ to be displayed at Sandler Center

Ed Gorham's "Puffer Love." (Courtesy Sandler Center.)
Ed Gorham’s “Puffer Love.” (Courtesy of the Sandler Center)

When Ed Gorham goes fishing, he doesn’t use a rod or cast a line. The artist uses brushes and pallet knives and stores his catch on canvas instead of ice.

The freestyle painter’s work will go on display Tuesday at the Sandler Center in “Aquatic Illusions,” an exhibit that will run until Jan. 4.

Gorham is an award-wining artist who depicts fish and water-creatures by applying colors of varying thicknesses over a dark background in a way that encourages the colors “to create their own lines and designs,” according to a release from the city.

Gorham then “coaxes the creatures out of this background with brushes and pallet knives,” a style that allows him to hide the focal point of a painting “in plain sight,” the release said.

“His process of painting on canvas mirrors the movement of water,” it said.

Gorham’s art finished second in the 2011 Neptune Festival Art & Craft Show, won best-in-show at the 2012 Bodacious Bazaar & Art Festival and won him an honorable mention at the 2012 Virginia Beach Boardwalk Show.

Ed Gorham's "A Koil of the Realm is Sweetface." (Courtesy Sandler Center.)
Ed Gorham’s “A Koi of the Realm is Sweet Face.” (Courtesy of the Sandler Center.)

Gorham’s art will be displayed on the Sandler Center’s second floor. A current exhibit, “Brock Childress: A Celebration of His Work,” was slated to be taken down Oct. 26 but will remain on display in the third-floor lobby.

Read about the Childress exhibit here.

All pieces from both exhibits are available for purchase.

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