Thousands may qualify for small city refund (cup-of-coffee small)

Sometimes it pays to ask about what’s on your receipt.

City of Virginia Beach Official Seal
Virginia Beach city seal

One Virginia Beach taxpayer learned that after inquiring about a $2 fee. The question could lead to refunds for thousands of residents if they still have a receipt showing the same charge.

The fee, charged for transferring a vehicle’s registration decal or getting a replacement one, was supposed to die when the city’s decal program did in 2003. But it was included in a list of charges the city sent to the DMV when it took over registration, said Eric Schmudde, a city spokesman.

The DMV has been mistakenly charging the vestigial city tax alongside its own $2 registration transfer fee ever since, according to a media release. It’s unknown how much was erroneously collected, but it is believed to be in the thousands, not the tens of thousands, Schmudde said.

Taxpayers who’ve paid the fee in  the past six years — inside the statute of limitations window —  and want a refund should contact the Virginia Beach Commission of the Revenue at (757) 385-4487, at or in person.


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