More Beach schools gain full accreditation, two others lose it

Ten more Virginia Beach schools have gained full accreditation while two others lost that top status, according to information released today by the Virginia Department of Education.

The changes raised the total number of fully accredited public schools in Virginia Beach to 73, up from 65, out of its 82 schools.

Gaining full accreditation this year were Bayside Sixth Grade Campus, Bayside Elementary, Bayside High, Kempsville High, Larkspur Middle, Luxford Elementary, Lynnhaven Middle, Thalia Elementary, White Oaks Elementary and Holland Elementary schools. Bayside Sixth Grade Campus was conditionally accredited last year, while the others had been accredited with warning because they scored below Standards of Learning benchmarks required for full accreditation.

Two schools lost their full accreditation status: Green Run High, which is now considered Partially Accredited: Approaching Bench Mark Pass Rate, and Green Run Elementary, which is now Partially Accredited: Improving School-Pass Rate.

The Virginia Department of Education revised its accreditation standards earlier this month to include levels of partial accreditation instead of the previous label of “accredited with warning.”

Partially Accredited: Approaching Bench Mark Pass Rate means the school fell with two points of the SOL rate required for full accreditation. Besides Green Run High, two other schools received this rating: Birdneck Elementary and Windsor Oaks Elementary. Birdneck Elementary had a 73 SOL rating for English, two points below the required 75. Green Run High missed the 70 SOL mark for math by one point. Windsor Oaks Elementary got 74 on the English SOL, missing that benchmark by one.

Green Run Elementary’s Partially Accredited: Improving School-Pass Rate status means the school did not qualify for the Partially Accredited: Approaching Bench Mark Pass Rate because its SOL scores did not fall within the two-point range. Green Run Elementary was fully accredited last year, but its 72 in English fell three points below the required 75.

College Park Elementary, Point O’View Elementary and Seatack Elementary were rated Partially Accredited: Warned School-Pass Rate. That is given to schools that are not within a narrow margin of benchmark SOL scores and that are not making acceptable progress towards achieving the scores. College Park missed the benchmark SOLs in all four subject areas – English, math, history/social studies and science. It was warned for its 63 in English, 52 in history/social studies and 38 in science. Its math score of 63 was listed as improving. College Park is in its second year as a Focus School for Virginia. Focus Schools are identified as schools who have a proficiency gap and required to implement strategies to fix this, with the help of a state-approved contractor.

Point O’View Elementary missed on only its English SOL, which was listed at 71. Its English score was 68 last year.

Seatack Elementary received a warning for its 42 SOL science score, while its 69 score in English was listed as improving.

Two schools, Williams Elementary and Bayside Middle, were listed as “to be determined.” Williams Elementary was accredited with warning last year because it missed the SOL benchmark for English and science. This year it reached the English benchmark with a 75 and improved its science SOL from 46 to 60, but the science score is still 10 points below full accreditation status. Bayside Middle was conditionally accredited last year after missing its SOL benchmarks in English, math and history. This year they hit benchmarks in math and history but again missed in English with a 65.

A spokesman for the Virginia Department of Education said schools that received to-be-determined ratings were either seeking a Partially Accredited Reconstituted School Rating or were in danger of being denied accreditation, but the school division wants to come to Richmond to make a case for why the school should receive a Partially Accredited status instead. Bayside Middle has not been fully accredited since the 2010-2011 school year. Williams Elementary has not been fully accredited since 2011-2012.

A full list of school accreditations can be found here.

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