Hospital creates emergency track to handle more young patients

An increase in the number of visits from children has prompted Sentara Princess Anne Hospital to devote a new track of emergency care to its younger patients.

The hospital’s emergency department treated more than 17,000 children in 2014, according to the hospital. In order to better respond to their needs, Sentara Princess Anne opened a new Pediatric Track in the department that went live in late September.

This room is specially designed for pediatric cases. (Courtesy of Sentara)
This room is specially designed for pediatric cases. (Courtesy of Sentara)

The program includes six special exam rooms that are decorated with kid-friendly colors and art, and equipped with white boards for children to use as a distraction during a procedure or exam, according to the hospital. Patients and their families can also use a special pediatric waiting room.

“Children are often anxious or scared in addition to being sick or injured and we want to create a calming environment for them,” said Joani Brough, vice president and nurse executive at Sentara Princess Anne Hospital, in a release announcing the new program.

The pediatric cases will be handled by a specially-trained team of physician assistants and nurses who are supervised by board-certified emergency physicians. The 24-hour, 7-days-a-week program is intended to address a growing need for Virginia Beach families by providing them with local urgent care, according to Brough.

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