Without help, it could take the Beach half a century to complete road plans as funding gets more competitive

After the state and federal governments made road funding harder to get, Virginia Beach asked how long it would take to complete its transportation projects by itself.

The answer? About 46 years.

“I probably won’t be around then,” Phil Pullen, the Beach’s transportation division manager, joked Tuesday during a City Council workshop.

The backlog of 50 projects will cost $1.9 billion to complete, and councilmembers said that list didn’t even contain every road.

The Beach had an average of about $64 million annually for roads between 2004 and now, Pullen said.

Those dollars originated at the local, state and federal levels. But with changes, including state grants being awarded on a competitive basis, the city’s transportation funding could fall to around $20 million annually in 2016, according to his presentation.

“In the future, we will be in trouble if something doesn’t change,” Pullen said after his presentation.

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