Milk, butter, eggs, flu shot … walk-in clinic coming to grocery store

A hospital network and grocery chain are teaming up to provide more convenient clinic care.

The Farm Fresh on Great Neck Road. (Kelly Kultys/Southside Daily)
The Farm Fresh on Great Neck Road. (Kelly Kultys/Southside Daily)

Later this fall, the Farm Fresh on Great Neck Road will open a walk-in Bon Secours FastCare clinic in a partnership intended to provide “convenience, convenience, convenience,” according to Lynne Zultanky, a spokeswoman for Bon Secours.

The walk-in clinic will treat all types of non-emergency ailments from colds to ear infections to minor injuries. It will also provide vaccinations. Marc Theophelakes, director of operations at Farm Fresh Food and Pharmacy called this partnership a good fit for both companies.

“This fits in well with our healthy living initiatives, and it makes shopping much easier,” he said.

Zultanky and Theophelakes stressed the importance of having the pharmacy on site for easy access to prescriptions.

The clinic will accept all major insurance programs; a basic office visit will cost $40 with no insurance.

Zultanky said the goal is to have minimal wait times. Customers will receive silent pagers so they can shop when there is a wait. A new electronic record system that tracks each visit to Bon Secours clinics will make a patient’s information more accessible for health practitioners.

Another Farm Fresh-Bon Secours clinic combo is opening Monday in the Great Bridge shopping center in Chesapeake. The Virginia Beach Farm Fresh site will open later this fall at 2110 N. Great Neck Rd.

The Great Neck store re-opened Wednesday after a renovation. The remodeled store includes an expanded produce department, a specialty cake section and more offerings in the meat department. Theophelakes said construction on the clinic section will begin shortly.

“People are going to need services – the timing is perfect,” he said, referring to the upcoming cold and flu season.


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