Three arrests, two guns and one interstate shooting

Police arrested three men and recovered two guns after an early morning shooting Friday on Interstate 264.

No injuries were reported, though a person told police his vehicle was shot several times and his tires were flattened by the gunfire, according to police.

The State Police gave the following summary of the incident:

Stefan Idle
Stefan Idele

Trooper I.K. Ibrahim was on patrol about 1:40 a.m. Friday near the I-64/I-264 interchange in Virginia Beach when he heard gunfire. Ibrahim identified a Ford Fiesta as the suspect vehicle and tried to stop it. A brief, slow-speed pursuit ensued eastbound on I-64.

The driver of the Fiesta stopped for Ibrahim along I-64 near Greenbrier Parkway in Chesapeake.

Charles Weeks
Charles Weeks

The driver and two passengers were arrested, and two handguns were found in the car, according to the State Police.

During that traffic stop, Virginia Beach Police told the State Police about a person near the I-64/I-264 interchange who said his vehicle had been shot several times and that his tires were flat from the gunfire. The State Police did not identify that person.

The State Police released the following names and charges for the suspects:

Chandon Burton
Chandon Burton
  • Stefan D. Idele, 25, of Newport News, was charged with carrying a concealed weapon, shooting from a motor vehicle and driving with a suspended license.
  • Charles M. Weeks and Chandon C.J. Burton, both 20 and from Hampton, were charged with shooting from a motor vehicle.

They are being held at the Virginia Beach jail without bond.

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