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Vanguard Landing Needs your Support

by Local Voice Media - February 6, 2019

Our Mission is to offer a safe, intentional, interactive and inclusive community where persons with intellectual and developmental differences can thrive and achieve their life’s full potential. We are a person-centered community where the strengths, gifts and capabilities of our citizens are embraced, nurtured and celebrated. We believe that our friends and family members that may need a little support to live as independently as possible, have the right to choose where they live and work.

We want to invite everyone to become part of our story and our mission, and we appreciate every bit of support – whether in the form of donations or precious time – that has made the Vanguard Landing dream a reality.

We are absolutely in AWE of our amazing supporters, who joined forces this year to make 2016 a tremendous success. We are getting so much closer to creating a special place where adults with intellectual disabilities can thrive, lead fulfilling lives and engage in enriching social and professional activities.

As the new year begins, we invite you and your family and friends to create an opportunity for our community with a commitment to give of your time, money and heart throughout the year! We simply could not accomplish what we do without the support of our generous donors.

While resident tuition (private-pay and Medicaid Waiver), trusts and life insurance policies, on-site businesses and shops, facility rental and fundraisers will provide a percentage of future operating expenses, the construction of Vanguard Landing’s Campus and its endowment funds are possible only through the generous support from individual and corporate contributors like you.  Please take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to make an extraordinary difference today with your tax-exempt gift.

Something we get asked all the time by people is: “I love what you are doing. How can I help?”

This is a great question, and one that has a variety of answers!

To answer your question, we have come up with an assortment of ways you can get involved with helping Vanguard Landing. We call this the “Hierarchy of Helping” and more info can be found on our blog

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