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VIMS professor Deb Steinberg displays a deep-sea shrimp caught in a net tow during the EXPORTS expedition to the northeast Pacific Ocean. Because seawater readily absorbs red wavelengths, red animals in the deep sea appear black and are thus camouflaged from predators. (Southside Daily/VIMS)

VIMS scientist helps lead NASA-funded ocean expedition

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Professor Deborah Steinberg of William & Mary's Virginia Institute of Marine Science set sail in early August aboard a major NASA-funded research expedition to...
The research ship Akademik Ioffe. (Southside Daily photo/Wiki Commons)

Ship carrying VIMS researchers grounds in Canadian Arctic

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A ship carrying two researchers from the Virginia Institute of Marine Science ran aground in the Canadian Arctic last week, cutting short a project...
Epizootic shell disease can lead to pitting, erosion, and "melanization" or darkening of a lobster's carapace. Survival of moderately and severely diseased lobsters—those with disease on more than 10% of their cuticle—is only 30% that of healthy animals. (SSD/J. Shields/VIMS)

VIMS research reveals link between warming and lobster disease

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An earlier spring may sound nice, unless you're a New England lobster. New findings reveal that as coastal waters in the northeastern U.S. continue to...
(Southside Daily photo/Courtesy of Old Dominion University)

ODU algae research aims to fuel bioeconomy

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NORFOLK — Historically eschewed as slimy and gross, it turns out algae might be the solution to many of the most pressing environmental-sustainability issues. The part of...
Since mid-July, 6 to 10 inches of rain have fallen across most of Virginia, with 10 to 15 inches across much of Maryland and Pennsylvania --- and this follows a very wet May in the mid-Atlantic. (Southside Daily photo/NOAA/NWS)

Recent rains impact Chesapeake Bay, marine research

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The rain that has plagued the U.S. East Coast for the last few weeks has caused serious flooding throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed and...
Researchers collect samples from floating sea ice for later analysis in the lab. (Elizabeth Shadwick/VIMS)

Team visits Arctic Ocean to help resolve major climate puzzle

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When most ships see an ice floe, they flee. Not so the Swedish research vessel Oden, which this month will moor itself to a large...
(Southside Daily photo/Courtesy of NASA)

Perseid meteor shower to light up night sky this weekend

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One of the best meteor showers of the year is returning this weekend, and NASA has tips for those who want to watch. Bill Cooke...
Rare blue crab: The crab caught by local crabbers Jim McInteer and Alan Payne is completely blue. (Southside Daily photo/Courtesy of Jim McInteer)

Once in a blue moon: Crabber catches rare all-blue blue crab

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Jim McInteer and his crewmate Alan Payne knew they had captured an oddity the moment they pulled their crab pot from the York River. "We...