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Get ready for ‘ample harvest’ of blue crabs, researchers say

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The Virginia Marine Resources Commission this week released the results of the 2017 Blue Crab Winter Dredge Survey, which shows a 31 percent increase...

When is robot delivery coming to Virginia Beach? Sooner than you think.

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If you think on-demand delivery apps are hip, robots are next-level. But they're not science fiction. In the not-too-distant future, a cooler-sized bot might roll up to your door instead...
Attendees at the grand opening of the new Teen & Tech Space at Virginia Beach’s Kempsville Area Library try out the new equipment, including gaming systems.

Kempsville Library gives teens a space for video games, making music, collaborating

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VIRGINIA BEACH — A new space for teens to unleash creativity, play video games and collaborate with new technology opened at a Virginia Beach...

Norfolk March for Science draws hundreds to distinguish objectivity from politics

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NORFOLK — Protesters marched, shouted and waved signs crafted with colorful language and vivid imagery down Granby Street, to East 24th Street and ended at O'Connor Brewing...

Beach business plans expansion to produce powerful batteries, hire more workers

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VIRGINIA BEACH — An engineering company at the Beach plans to expand its operations, focusing on new technology that will bring new jobs to...
Josh Burk is the chair of William & Mary’s Department of Psychology and one of the affiliated faculty in the university’s neuroscience program, a multi-departmental initiative that is expected to benefit from membership in the Virginia Neuroscience Initiative. (Photo by Joseph McClain)

W&M joins statewide neuroscience alliance

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Participation in the Virginia Neuroscience Initiative will open new opportunities for William & Mary’s neuroscientists. Josh Burk says the VNI is a component of the...
Jozef Dudek (left), staff scientist at Jefferson Lab and an assistant professor of physics at William & Mary, worked with JLab’s Robert Edwards to run complex quantum chromodynamics calculations on several supercomputers. (Courtesy of Jefferson Lab)

Eavesdropping on the particular chatter on the sub-atomic world

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Much like two friendly neighbors getting together to chat over a cup of coffee, the minuscule particles in our sub-atomic world also come together...
VIMS graduate student Cassidy Peterson handles a tiger shark captured during the VIMS Longline Survey before releasing it back to the water. (Photo courtesy of VIMS)

Coastal shark population on rise in region, study says

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A recent analysis of population trends among coastal sharks of the southeast U.S. shows that all but one of the seven species studied are...