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After successful integration with deployer in Houston, CubeSat is scheduled to launch from NASA's Wallops Island facility on April 17. (Southside Daily/Courtesy of ODU)

ODU’s CubeSat moves closer to liftoff

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NORFOLK -- A team of Old Dominion University students took a giant leap toward space as they joined two other Virginia universities in delivering their...
Coastal flooding is of increasing concern to communities in Virginia and around the nation. (Southside Daily/Patrick Lynch.)

Report cards show continued sea-level rise on East & Gulf coasts

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Researchers at William & Mary's Virginia Institute of Marine Science have issued the first annual update of their sea level "report cards," marking 50...

Krill range shrinks poleward with ocean warming

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A new study based on careful analysis of 90 years of scientific catch data from the South Atlantic Ocean shows that the geographic distribution...
VIMS graduate student Jim DelBene (L) and his professional mentor J.C. Hudgins look over the water along a dock on Gwynn's Island in the Chesapeake Bay. (Southside Daily/A. Devlin/Virginia Sea Grant)

VIMS reaches out to crabbers for guidance on derelict pots

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Researchers at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science are using a mail survey to ask local crabbers to share their opinions and experiences related...
(Southside Daily file photo/Courtesy of Pixabay)

Home items are getting smarter and creepier, like it or not

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One day, finding an oven that just cooks food may be as tough as buying a TV that merely lets you click between channels. Internet-connected...
In intensive culture, growers use cages to protect oysters from predation. (Southside Daily/K. Hudson/VIMS)

Oyster aquaculture limits disease in wild oyster populations

A study initiated by Ryan Carnegie of the Virginia Institute of Marine Science has found that oyster aquaculture operations can limit the spread of...
(Sarah Fearing/Southside Daily)

Conservationists say federal plan would hurt Chesapeake Bay

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Conservationists in Virginia and Maryland say a Trump administration proposal could undermine efforts to clean up the Chesapeake Bay. The measure would roll back federal...
(Southside Daily file photo/Courtesy of Pexels)

How to plan your smart home – and weigh privacy risks

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You might have heard of lights that turn off with an app or voice command. Or window shades that magically rise every morning. Technology companies...

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