(Southside Daily file photo/Courtesy of Pixabay)

High school students will be taking fewer SOL tests from now on

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VIRGINIA BEACH -- High School students will be relieved to hear that because of changes at the state and federal levels they are now...
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Hampton Roads schools commemorate 400th anniversary of Virginia

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American Evolution 2019 Commemoration a is a statewide organization which hosts different events and programs commemorating 1619. "Our goal was to get schools across the...
The film "America to Me" will be part of a film and discussion event happening at Norfolk State. (Southside Daily Photo/courtesy of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation)

This film might facilitate talks on inequality in education

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NORFOLK -- The Hampton Roads Community Foundation will have a special screening of "America to Me" at the Norfolk State University's L. Douglas Wilder...
(Southside Daily Photo/courtesy of the Naval History and Heritage Command)

ICYMI: Hanukkah, bicyclist safety, accounting audits and more

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With dozens of headlines every week, it’s easy to miss some here and there. Get in on the conversation. Here are this week’s most-read stories. Your Guide...
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Having ‘The Talk’ about college costs with your teen

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A four-year journey to decide where to go to college ended for Sofie Adams when a college recruiter approached her after a softball game...
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Virginia Beach schools need your help with their strategic plan

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The Virginia Beach City Public Schools administration is giving the community the opportunity to weigh in and help guide the future of the school...
Workshop participants learn high-end data analysis using ODU's Turing supercomputer. (Southside Daily photo/Courtesy of Old Dominion University)

Group leads workshop in the Philippines while using supercomputer at ODU

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At a recent workshop led by Old Dominion faculty and students, participants learned about genetic analysis using the University's supercomputers, all while in the...
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