Professionals Under 40 Network

Meet Scott Medina, co-founder of The Professionals Under 40 Network; Hampton Roads first under 40 network made by millennials whose mission is to inspire the next generation of talented and community oriented professionals.

Do you have a nickname? What is it?
S: Scotty P – the P stands for Poetry, it is my stage name.

What is one food that you will not eat?
S: Liver – I just can’t do it.

What was your favorite movie?
S: Rock-A-Doodle Rock

If someone was to give you a gift (money’s no object) what would you want?
S: I would want a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

What is your biggest fear?
S: My biggest fear is someone harming my family and me not being able to do anything about it.

What is the one quality you admire most in others?
S: The ability for people to unite in times of need.

Where is the next place you want to visit?
S: The Philippines

If you had to pick one place in town to take a tourist, where would it be?
S: Sky Bar at the Oceanfront.

Describe your perfect day off.
S: Wake up at 12 pm,  have some breakfast and tea, then play and create music for the rest of the day and then go to sleep.

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