Marlene ‘Micky’ Jester, 70, appreciated the beauty of simplicity

Marlene 'Micky' Jester
Marlene ‘Micky’ Jester

Marlene “Micky” Jester made her way to heaven Friday, Sept. 28, 2018. It was a peaceful trip, and she was surrounded by friends.

Anyone reading this who knows her is probably saying “no way” because she was so healthy and energetic. If she knew I was going to tell you her age she would shoot me, but there was not a more fit lady in Virginia Beach; she was about to turn 71 on Oct. 14, 2018. She was still jogging three miles a day and going to Wareings Gym regularly.

Micky grew up in a small town, Colonial Heights. She was very popular and active: homecoming queen, Key Club Sweetheart, head cheerleader and more, plus very high up academically. She went to Virginia Tech and earned a degree in elementary education, which Micky excelled at for over 10 years in Virginia Beach (math). Even though she and I went to the same high school, we never connected until our junior year at Virginia Tech, where I was earning a business degree. Love at first sight for me, not so much for her. I never gave up and after graduation, while I was an ensign in the U.S. Navy and she was teaching. I wore her down and she agreed to marry me. Forty-seven years later with a full and active life at the North End, Micky was focused on her passions: her love for gardening, her love for making friends and most of all, sunsets with a glass of wine. I’m in there somewhere, but maybe just below the cat. She had enormous energy, a zest for life and a positive outlook every day.

She gave daily life lessons on what was important, the simple things. “I want your presence, not your present,” was always her quote when her birthday rolled around. If you liked sunsets, she was your girl. If you liked romantic settings, she was your girl (“dim those lights!”). If you wanted meaningful one-on-one conversations over a glass of wine, she was your girl. If you were her friend, you could count on a birthday card, anniversary card and honestly on every meaningful decision.

Micky suffered a severe head injury on Sept. 13 while traveling in Croatia with me. Once back in the states, it was clear she was not on a path to the quality of life that we both had agreed to. All medical options were exhausted, and it was clear she was ready for heaven. Thankfully, it was very peaceful and she was surrounded by many special friends who made that moment meaningful.

Micky is survived by her older brother, Lowell Fast; and me, David Jester of Virginia Beach. She was not into material things, but if so inclined, she would like knowing that the Virginia Beach SPCA or Princess Anne Garden Club benefitted from her departure to heaven. I will miss this tiny lady with the big, bright heart. We shared something special.

A celebration of life will be held at 5 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 4, at the Cavalier Golf and Yacht Club, 1052 Cardinal Drive, Virginia Beach.

In lieu of flowers, refer back to her preference, VBSPCA or the PAGC.

Share online condolences with the family at H.D. Oliver Funeral Apartments.

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