Katherine Elizabeth Scott, 64, postal worker at Virginia Wesleyan College

Katherine Elizabeth Scott
Katherine Elizabeth Scott

A strength within comes from a heart that believes in more than itself. A strong will comes from adversities faced in life and still somehow comes out on top. A belief and love for the Lord that no one could shake. This is a woman that would light up a room with smiles even while in pain. A woman that would put aside all her problems to make sure others were taken care of. A woman we called mother.

Katherine was much more than a mother. She was a friend, a confidant, a teacher. Even in passing, she is still teaching us how to have a closer relationship with the Lord. Her strength and selflessness giving for her children came first. These children were most important in her life. Now in heaven, she can share time with her other children that passed before they were born. While standing in the presence of God, she can stand whole.

May God protect us and our mother look over us. We shall celebrate her life and not mourn her death. This is her wish. We will hold her in our hearts and minds, and she will never be forgotten. To share in her memories with others, she will never be truthfully gone. She will only be at peace and with no pain.

Katherine Elizabeth Scott, 64, passed away on Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2016, in Virginia Beach. Born on October 29, 1952, in Fremont, Ohio, she was the daughter of Clyde and Margaret Booze. Kathy worked as a postal worker for Virginia Wesleyan College.

She is survived by her kids, Jeremy Cayce Scott, Timothy James Scott and Tiffany Angel Scott. Her grandkids, Karla Adilene Scott Perez, Angel Alexander Scott Perez, Katherine Elizabeth Scott Perez, Gloria Elizabeth Marie and Alan “Jew Jew” Troy.

Memorial services will be held in the future. Memorial contributions may be made to https://www.gofundme.com/a-mothers-dying-wish.

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