Gail Lynn Kuhrt, 60, at the end of a terminal illness, her last words: ‘I love you’

Gail Lynn Kuhrt (Courtesy of Altmeyer Funeral Homes)
Gail Lynn Kuhrt (Courtesy of Altmeyer Funeral Homes)

Gail Lynn Kuhrt, 60, of Virginia Beach, passed away suddenly in the early hours of Monday, December 7, 2015. She was born February 27, 1955 to the late James Harold & Grace (Bundick) Webb in Portsmouth, VA and was raised in Norfolk.

Left to cherish her memory is her fiancé William E. Vogler, Sr; son William E. Vogler, Jr.; daughter Crystal G. Vogler; son Christapher Kuhrt, daughter Tina (Kurht) Mowery & her husband Shawn; daughter Annalesha Kuhrt; sister Marlo Lurk; and grandchildren Gabriel Huffer, Ethan Vogler, Evan Rhodes, and Patience Mowery.

Gail married William Sr. & together they had 2 children, William Jr. & Crystal Vogler. They were both young when they married and after some stressful years of marriage, the couple divorced. Gail remarried and had 3 children Christapher, Tina, & Annalesha Kuhrt. Her 2nd husband abandoned the family during Christapher’s battle with a very rare brain cancer. Gail and her 5 children were left alone. After staying with great friends, even though the divorce and her 2nd marriage, Gail reunited with her 1st husband, William Sr. whom she never stopped loving. She would say he was her first and only true love & best friend. This is proven by their devotion to each other. Despite many obstacles, they were truly meant to be together. Gail & William, Sr. were once again a family, this time with more children, all of whom William loved as they were his own. She always had a way of bringing the whole family together as one unit. She was the center of their lives.

Gail struggled with her own health issues & was eventually diagnosed with a terminal illness during the same time her son Christapher was battling brain cancer. Even during this challenging time and her health ailing, Christapher and his care was always her top priority, as were all her children. In 2012 her heath was declined rapidly & she went into a coma. Amazingly after that she made a miraculous recovery. We thank God every day he gave her 3 more healthy & happy years with us.

Gail loved taking trips to the mountain with William, Sr. to view the fall foliage. Some of her favorite times and our fondest memories are of family camping trips in the mountains. She cherished every moment she had with her family. At times, she would be so tired and weak dealing with her illness, but as soon as her grandchildren came to visit, she would light up like a Christmas tree. They brought so much joy to her life and were a wonderful gift and blessing to her family. She also enjoyed collecting little knickknacks and was fascinated with antiques. She spent the last year of her life trying to locate her biological father only to find out he had passed away a few years earlier. She always wanted to see him one last time and tell him she loved & forgave him. She knew that one day she would see him in heaven & that gave her peace.

Gail was a forgiving woman; no matter what the situation was she always found a way to forgive. This is just one of the many loving attributes she passed down to her children. She was a spiritual & God-fearing woman, always wanted her children to be involved in the church and urged them to have a relationship with God. She was devoted to CBN & Joel Osteen Church. Gail prayed every morning & every night for God to watch over her children & help her guide them in the right direction. She always protected her family from pain, whether emotional or physical, and seemed to absorb it herself rather them letting it hurt her loved ones. She was not only their mother, but a friend & hero to all her kids. She sacrificed everything she had to make sure her family was safe and provided for. Gail took care of making sure the bills were paid and handled all finances for her home, even when funds were tight. She would always keep the home in tip top shape, making sure every room was clean & organized. During her illness, she was thrilled when she could gather up enough energy to go somewhere, so she could drive her car & be out of the house for a bit.

Her last words the night God called her home were “I LOVE YOU.” We all say he took her from us so soon because he needed another Angel. Her pain & suffering is now over; she is at peace with God. She was a giver & a helper during her life and has continued to give & help even after passing by being an organ & tissue donor with LifeNet. Gail’s donation will help many people by giving them gift of life. This is exactly how she would want to be remembered.

Gail’s sudden & unexpected death has left a huge void in our lives & an emptiness in our hearts. In addition to that we are struggling to afford her final expenses, medical bills for both Gail & Christapher, rent & utilities.  We, her family, are asking for your help & support during this challenging time. Any assistance you can provide would be a Godsend.

Thank you for taking the time to read this & God Bless.

~ The Family of Gail Kuhrt

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