134 dogs at Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center in need of home

Hampton Roads All News (Photo courtesy/13 NewsNow)
Hampton Roads All News (Photo courtesy/13 NewsNow)

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Looking to adopt soon? Well, the Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center wants you to come their way.

The shelter posted on their Facebook page that they’re currently caring for 134 dogs. As they put it, “Y’all. That’s a lot of dogs.”

From Nov. 1 to Nov. 4, 45 dogs were brought to the shelter, 12 of which were surrendered by their owner, 28 dogs were adopted, 21 dogs were returned to their owner and 11 dogs were transferred to rescue partners.

“We are operating almost every day. We have been figuring out kennel space like we are full, and we make a couple of spaces. We get some adoptions. We send some to rescues with have been fantastic lately,” explained Shelter Operations Supervisor Jessica Wilde.

Wilde said dogs keep walking through the center’s doors.

She explained, “In the past couple of days we’ve had multiple senior pets surrendered. Two 15-year-old dogs. We had a nine-year-old dog surrendered right before the interview and that’s hard. You have to see senior pets take things a lot harder and they get stressed out much easier.”

Because of the influx of animals, Wilde said the center is offering a sale on adoptions.

She said there’s a $10 adoption for cats and dogs and a $5 adoption fee for small animals.

Staffers encourage you to come to the shelter to look around if your pet is missing, and that if you need to rehome a pet, please consider doing so privately.

The shelter is open every day except on Tuesdays.

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