A Plaza Middle School student brought a gun onto school property, police say

Plaza Middle School in Virginia Beach. (Southside Daily/courtesy of Google street view)
Plaza Middle School in Virginia Beach. (Southside Daily/courtesy of Google street view)

VIRGINIA BEACH — Monday morning parents of students at Plaza Middle School’s summer school program received a message from the school saying a student had brought a weapon onto school property.

Virginia Beach Police said a parent alerted authorities the student “may be in possession of a firearm” after that student allegedly threatened another student.

“The school resource officer detained the suspect student and located a handgun in his possession,” police wrote in a news release. “He was taken into custody and charged with possession of a firearm on school property and disturbing the peace.”

Police said the student is a “middle school aged male.” Since he is a juvenile, authorities are not releasing his name.

Natalie Allen, Virginia Beach City Schools spokeswoman, provided the alert sent to Plaza Middle School families.

No students were harmed during the incident and all students were reported safe, according to the school.

Summer school Principal Debbie Price ended her statement with this message to parents:

“As always, I ask you talk with your child about the role they play in school safety. If they hear something concerning they should report it immediately to police or an adult. This will allow the school and police to respond more efficiently to safety concerns. Student safety continues to be the most important part of our jobs, and it is a responsibility that the entire Plaza Middle School staff takes very seriously. We appreciate your support. Thank you.”

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