Summer Slump? You know, there are ways to avoid that

(Southside Daily file photo)
(Southside Daily file photo)

VIRGINIA BEACH — Each summer after the schools let out, there’s a risk of students not retaining information over the break time.

There’s even a term for that: Summer Slump.

To avoid the slump, school officials have released a series of resources for parents to use to keep their children primed and ready for the new school year.

The Virginia Beach City Public Schools have what’s called a Clever Portal which students grades K-12 are able to access all summer long by going to their school’s website and clicking on “Student Resources,” said Natalie Allen, VBCPS spokeswoman, in an email.

Students can use their login to access games and learning tasks that are aligned to the standards of learning, she said.

Destination Graduation is another resource students and parents can use.

“It contains a complete list, by grade level, of essential skills and knowledge taught at each grade level,” Allen said.

Non-school related resources students and parents can use over the summer are through the Virginia Beach Library.

The Summer Reading Challenge is one option for parents looking to keep their kids motivated to read.

Students can use their VBCPS student ID to read online digital texts for free through the Virginia Beach Library as well.

Allen said Virginia Beach Grow Smart is another avenue for keeping students engaged in learning over the summer months.

There, students and their parents can access helpful information and resources that support parents in raising healthy children, building literacy skill, preparing for the kindergarten transition and more, she said.

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