This new farmers market is looking to showcase food creativity in Hampton Roads

VIRGINIA BEACH — Gastronomic Allocations: A Food Centric Market will be the area’s newest farmers market, focusing primarily on food and all the food-centered creations made in Hampton Roads, said MJ Medlar, founder of Gastronomic Allocations and co-owner of the Capt’n Crabby Food Truck.

Medlar noticed that while there were a lot of farmers markets and places for food trucks to gather in the area, there wasn’t a consistent space that food-centered creatives could bring their creations.

She chose the Virginia Beach Farmers Market off Dam Neck Road because it serves as a standing structure where small businesses can set up shop year-round.

Medlar hopes to make this farmers market a year-round event and wants to eventually expand to other cities in the area.

All of the vendors at this farmers market are local to Hampton Roads, she said.

“Its an awesome opportunity for new businesses and small business to grow,” Medlar said. “I wanted it to feel like an urban market like the ones they have in bigger cities on the weekends like in New York City,” she added.

By making the market year-round and eventually a traveling market, she hopes to give as many small businesses as possible the chance to showcase the food they are making.

The first of the farmers markets will be on Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Virginia Beach Farmers Market.

People can expect to find food trucks and more undiscovered food-centered businesses there.

There will be no non-food vendors, she said.

Medlar is a part of Street Food Revolutionaries, a nonprofit food truck collective in Hampton Roads.

To learn more about Gastronomic Allocations: A Food Centric Market, click here to view the Facebook event.

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