Here are some safety tips when using Norfolk’s Lime Scooters

Lime scooters (Southside Daily file/Courtesy of Pixabay)
Lime scooters (Southside Daily file/Courtesy of Pixabay)

NORFOLK — Lime Scooters have made their big debut in the downtown area, offering the public a chance to experiment with micro-mobility.

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While riding a scooter may be easier than riding a bike, there are some safety tips that Lime wants users to be aware of while riding.

Lime scooters should be ridden on the roads, following all traffic and safety laws that cars have to obey.

Riders should be wearing helmets and looking out for other vehicles and road obstructions like potholes, according to Lime’s safety section on their website.

Lime Scooters should be parked curbside and before hopping on one for a ride, users should check to make sure there aren’t any visible damages to the scooter.

There are brakes by the handle bars that riders can use to slow down and stop as well.

Since the scooters do not have turn signals like cars do, there are a few hand signals riders should use to indicate which direction they are going in.

Left turns should be signaled with your left hand straight out, parallel to the ground.

Right turns should be signaled either with your right hand straight out, parallel to the ground or using your left arm, bent at an angle with your hand reaching for the sky.

To indicate that your are stopping, use your left arm to point downwards.

To see images of the turn signals and learn more about Lime Scooter safety, click here.

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