Norfolk City Council to evaluate security in wake of Virginia Beach mass shooting

NORFOLK — City Council’s June 4 work session centered on one thing: safety and gun violence.

Council members were able to discuss what they thought of safety, gun restrictions and community responses to the recent gun-related deaths in both Norfolk and Virginia Beach as well as discuss how they can adjust to fix those issues.

A big portion of the discussion centered on how the city can take a look at its own building security in the wake of the May 31 mass shooting in Virginia Beach.

City Manager Douglas Smith led the conversation about supporting employees during their period of recovery as well as strengthening workplace safety and security going forward.

Smith also spoke on how the city could plan for training to help employees prepare for and respond to critical incidents.

He said he’d like to make that training mandatory.

In addition to that, Smith said the city’s public safety team will conduct security assessments as requested for work centers and the city will solicit outside expertise to conduct a facility security assessment to both improve workplace safety and security while maintaining public accessibility to city services.

The city is still in the early stages of planning and many are mourning the 12 lost in the mass shooting, according to the Tuesday workshop.

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