There are Revolutionary War veterans buried in Norfolk

Cedar Grove Cemetery (Southside Daily/Courtesy of the City of Norfolk)
Cedar Grove Cemetery (Southside Daily/Courtesy of the City of Norfolk)

NORFOLK — The city is home to many different kinds of cemeteries and with a history of around 400 years the people who are buried there lived all kinds of interesting lives.

There are many military veterans buried in city cemeteries and some date all the way back to the Revolutionary War.

Stephen Wright, who is buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery, was born in December of 1763 near Craney Island, Norfolk County, according to sources from the Sargeant Memorial Collection at Slover Library.

He enlisted in the revolutionary army at 17 and became an ensign.

He then was made prisoner four months before the close of the revolution and carried to Bermuda where he was then exchanged and returned to be present at the siege of Yorktown, according to the documents.

For many years after that Wright was the colonel of one of the finest regiments of Norfolk County, and also served his country in the legislature more than 50 years before he died on Dec. 25, 1851.

The rich history of all those who are buried in the city’s cemeteries and beyond is always being researched.

Cedar Grove cemetery was established in 1825, 44 years after the end of the Revolutionary War, according to the Sargeant Memorial documents.

Wright and many other military men and women are buried across the city’s cemeteries.

To learn more about Wright specifically, join the Norfolk Society for Cemetery Conservation on its tour July 19, at 6:30 p.m. in Cedar Grove Cemetery for “The Road Taken: a journey through the history of Norfolk.”

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To find out more about the city’s history visit the Sargeant Memorial Collection at Slover Library.

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