Here’s something to think about: 8K pounds of trash picked up in Virginia Beach waterways last year

VIRGINIA BEACH — Litter along the city’s waterways is a major focus point of Lynnhaven River Now.

In 2018, Lynnhaven River NOW’s volunteers removed more than 8,000 pounds of trash from in and around the city’s waterways, said Helen Kuhns, spokeswoman for the organization.

“A lot of this trash comes from litter on the street and washes down the storm drain during rains to end up in our waterways,” she said.

The most common items they pick up are cigarette butts and single use plastic bottles, she said.

Bigger items like mattresses, arm chairs, door frames, construction debris and car engine parts are also found by volunteers.

She said volunteers even pulled out a safe in the past.

Kuhns said the best way people can keep their streets and waterways clean and litter-free is to dispose of all trash and waste properly in a trash can or through the city’s waste stream.

“Contain that waste property so it does not fly out of trash cans on trash day, reduce your use of single-use plastics so there isn’t much trash to escape,” she said.

To learn more about the Lynnhaven River Now, click here.

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