Here are the 10 questions applicants for City Council appointment need to answer

VIRGINIA BEACH — As part of the process for appointing a new member to City Council following the removal of David Nygaard from the Beach District seat, each member of council submitted a question applicants will need to answer as part of their application.

The questions range from issues of debt, affordable housing, the city’s voting system, and the budget process, reflecting the various priorities of council as they select an interim member prior to a special election in November.

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These are the 10 questions applicants will need to answer when applying to be appointed to council, with the member of council who submitted the question noted in bold:

John Moss: Would you vote to stop the City Council from continuing to circumvent the city’s charter limitations on council’s ability to issue debt by using the Virginia Beach Development Authority to issue debt in its name?

Rosemary Wilson: When there is such a push back of “not in my backyard,” how can we address the need for affordable housing?

Shannon Kane: What is your understanding of the financial mechanics of the resort, to include TIP, residential parking permit program, budget process expectations, and development projects that are currently underway in the resort, including open space?

Jim Wood: Why do you want to be on City Council?

Barbara Henley: Do you support the Agricultural Reserve Program? If the answer is “yes,” why? If the answer is “no,” why not?

Jessica Abbott: Do you plan to run for the seat you’re being appointed to in November?

Bobby Dyer: What do you view as the top three priorities of the City of Virginia Beach?

Sabrina Wooten: What is your opinion of the hybrid voting system in our system? And would you like to change?

Aaron Rouse: Describe what the word “team” means to you?

Louis Jones: Once the council has decided the formulation of the budget and reconciliation, will you vote for it?

The online application for those wishing to be considered for appointment to City Council was not on the city’s website as of Wednesday.

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