Here’s what happens to the cremated remains of animals picked up by Norfolk, Virginia Beach

The cities of Virginia Beach and Norfolk have systems in place to deal with the remains or animals, whether they be roadkill or domestic and they’ll do it for residents’ pets at a small fee.

Virginia Beach’s Animal Control unit has two mass cremation sites that it operates, said Supervisor Meghan Conti.

She said while Animal Control deals with calls for roadkill removal, they also offer a service to pet owners who wish to have their animals disposed of.

The cost for having that done is $20.

Animal Control handles all of the animal remains disposals, Conti said

It is unclear what happens to the animals’ ashes.

Norfolk runs a similar approach to animal remains removal but relies on the city’s waste management system instead.

Lori Crouch, the city’s spokeswoman, said waste management takes all remains of animals to the Virginia Humaniteks Inc. T/A Pet Cremation Services of Tidewater at 105 Happy St. in Virginia Beach.

The remains are then cremated and the ashes are eventually dispersed on a farm in Blackwater, she said.

City code allows for waste management to dispose of companion animal remains, charging the resident a $30 fee for disposal and collection.

If the resident wants to bring the dead companion animal to the animal management center, the city will dispose of it for a $10 fee.

Both cities will pick up roadkill for free.

According to Virginia State Code, dead animals may be buried on the owner’s property if they so choose to.

To have an animal picked up in Virginia Beach, call dispatch at 757-385-4444, option No. 1.

To have an animal picked up in Norfolk, call Waste Management at 757-664-6510.

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