ICYMI: Giant pile of rubble, Pharrell, recount legislation and more

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The Pile

Find out what’s up with that giant pile of rubble off of Witchduck road. READ MORE.

What’s up with that giant pile of concrete off Witchduck Road?

A Pharrell-backed festival

The festival that Pharrell Williams is sponsoring is set to go forward during the Oceanfront’s famous college beach weekend. READ MORE.

Pharrell-backed festival moving forward, coming to Oceanfront in April

New regulations

The 2018 Virginia Beach elections were tumultuous and out of it came some new state regulations. READ MORE.

Out of the tumult of the 2018 elections in Virginia Beach — new regulations

Timing isn’t everything

Find out what goes into the decision making process the VBPD has to make before alerting the public. READ MORE.

Timing isn’t everything: VBPD, like Norfolk, have much to consider when alerting the public

Local hens

Local hens are already cluckin’ about the 2020 elections. READ MORE.

Local hens are already cluckin’ about the 2020 elections

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