So what exactly is a Budget Bracket Challenge? Here you go

(Southside Daily file photo)
(Southside Daily file photo)

NORFOLK — The city is currently working on developing its next budget and community input is a big part of that.

So, to get residents more involved, the city has created a budget bracket program.

The Budget Bracket Challenge was designed to work the same way as a March Madness Bracket, but instead of choosing teams to win, players are choosing programming they want to get additional funding, city officials said.

This is the first year the city will be using the program, said Lori Crouch, the city’s spokeswoman.

The bracket challenge will run through the city’s budget season with city officials monitoring what residents are deeming most important to them.

Hopefully, after the challenge is over the city will have a better understanding of what programming they need to add money to and what they don’t, Crouch said.

The next step is for city officials to review the programs that come out on top and make the budget from there.

Residents who are interested in contributing to the budget process even more can check out the city’s Balancing Act program, which is in its second year — players get the chance to try and balance the city’s budget using an online program.

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