‘Threatening list’ reported to Norfolk School officials, and parents were alerted

NORFOLK — Granby High School administration received a report Friday that a student had allegedly made a list “that could be deemed a threat to the safety of several other students,” said Norfolk Public Schools spokeswoman Khalilah LeGrand.

LeGrand said the incident was reported after school hours and off premises, adding no students were in imminent danger.

School officials sent automated calls to parents soon after the word about the alleged list got out.

LeGrand said district officials took the report seriously and investigated the matter immediately — police were notified.

Students on the list have been identified and their parents have been contacted, LeGrand said.

The principal’s message also included this statement:

“Please encourage your students to say something to an adult if they see or hear something concerning.  This incident occurred in the community and was reported to the school. However, the school is taking appropriate actions in partnership with NPD.”

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