Here’s how you can show your love for Hampton Roads with this interactive app

Southside Daily Photo/courtesy of LOVEVA's Facebook page)
(Southside Daily Photo/courtesy of LOVEVA’s Facebook page)

Become a “local LUV-VAH” with the LOVEVA app that allows users to collect hearts every time they visit one of the local businesses featured on the app and get discounts.

LOVEVA is a collective of local businesses that have banded together to create a unified reward system, according to the LOVEVA website.

Every time a user makes a purchase with any of the businesses listed on the app, they earn a heart.

Once they earn enough hearts (10 hearts to be exact) they’re free to collect a reward, discount or gift depending on what the business is offering.

The best part about those hearts is that users can visit any location, collect hearts and then use those hearts at any of the businesses on the app, regardless of whether or not they’ve collected a heart there.

How to collect those hearts

Collecting the hearts is a pretty simple process, according to the LOVEVA website.

Whenever a user visits a local business listed on the app, they can use their smartphone and after they’ve made a purchase, they can scan the QR code at the business locations.

Every time they make a purchase, they earn a heart.

The hearts never expire and users can bank as many as they’d like, according to the website.

They can even gift those hearts to someone else.

To learn more about the LOVEVA app, visit its website or download the app.

Check out their Facebook page and Twitter to keep up with them.

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