ICYMI: New airlines, burial assistance, Ohio flights and more

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New airlines

Find out why so many airlines are expanding their routes at Norfolk’s International Airport. READ MORE.

Why are so many new airlines partnering with Norfolk International Airport?

Too poor to be buried

What happens when your family can’t afford to bury you? The city steps in. READ MORE.

What happens when your family can’t afford your funeral?

Why Ohioans love it here

Find out why there are new non-stop flights from Ohio to here. READ MORE.

So, about those new flights from Cincinnati and Cleveland. Apparently, Ohioans love it here

Nordstrom’s departure

Find out when Nordstrom is set to leave the MacArthur Center. READ MORE.

Nordstrom store in MacArthur Center to close in April

The ‘Death Cafe’

What is a death cafe and why are they important? READ MORE.

This new ‘cafe’ in Norfolk wants you to talk about death and dying

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