Get ready for a chilly weekend on the Southside

The weather forecast this weekend will be quite broad with temperatures ranging from highs in the upper- to mid-50s and lows in the 20s.

Starting Saturday morning you can expect temperatures to hover around the mid- to high-50s throughout the day, said Andrew Zimmerman, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Wakefield.

As the day progresses, a cold front from the west will start moving in overnight into Sunday morning bringing some rain with it, he said.

On Sunday morning the weather will be in the mid- to high-50s but as that cold front makes its way to the area, the temperature will start steadily dropping down to the 30s and then into the 20s overnight into Monday morning, Zimmerman said.

The precipitation from the cold front will have all but dissipated by Sunday afternoon and Monday morning’s commute on the Southside is looking to be cold but dry, he said.

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