This new French Patisserie is not your average bakery. Here’s why

Macaron Tart will open its doors in mid-February in Virginia Beach's Town Center. (Southside Daily Photo/courtesy of Elena Hocking)
Macaron Tart will open its doors in mid-February in Virginia Beach’s Town Center. (Southside Daily Photo/courtesy of Elena Hocking)

VIRGINIA BEACH — Macaron Tart, a new French Patisserie, will be bringing its freshly-made macarons and tarts to the Virginia Beach Town Center this February.

Its president, Elena Hocking, specializes in made-from-scratch macarons, tarts and pastries, using her extensive baking knowledge she gleaned from working under world renowned L’ecole of Stephane Glacier in France and from her training at the respected French Pastry School in Chicago.

She said that’s one of the biggest differences from her patisserie and other commercial bakeries.

She doesn’t mass produce her products, the flavors and items that customers see in the shop are what she made to sell that particular day.

Hocking does take orders, of course, and can specialize a specific order with the number and type of pastries to the customer’s liking, she said.

“I want to offer a French experience,” she said, explaining how she spent time in France learning about the art of making macarons and then observing the atmosphere of the many French bakeries that are spread out in Paris.

In addition to offering baked goods, Hocking also teaches classes for adults and children and is in the process of setting up her summer camp.

Before Hocking decided to open up shop in Virginia Beach she lived and operated Macaron Tart in Northern Virginia.

She moved herself and her business down this way to be closer to her son, she explained.

She said having the summer camps while she was in Northern Virginia worked well and she’s excited about her business being in a more regional location in Town Center.

By offering classes and summer camps Hocking provides a service that can’t be found anywhere else in the area. She said she’s the only bakery that serves from-scratch goods and teaches classes in Virginia Beach.

“If you want good quality, from-scratch macarons you come to my shop,” she said.

To learn more about the bakery’s offerings and the classes, click here.

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