Life Center: This new clinic is a ‘safe space’ for those with HIV, LGBT community

The LGBT Life Center is open to anyone who needs their services. (Southside Daily Photo/courtesy of the LGBT Life Center)
The LGBT Life Center is open to anyone who needs their services. (Southside Daily Photo/courtesy of the LGBT Life Center)

NORFOLK — The LGBT Life Center opened up their first specialty clinic Tuesday, creating a safe space for the LGBT community and those affected by HIV to come get treatment.

The clinic is on 1001 Monticello Ave.

In addition to the clinic, an on-site pharmacy will also open up in the next couple months, said Stacie Walls-Beegle, CEO of the LGBT Life Center.

The center always operated a mail-order pharmacy but with the addition of the clinic, the center wanted to be able to be a “one-stop-shop” for their patients, Walls-Beegle said.

The clinic will specialize in patients who have HIV and those from the LGBT community who are seeking a safe space to come get medical treatment, especially for those who are either trans or in the process of transitioning, she said.

Walls-Beegle said patients who go to the clinic can either use their own insurance to pay or they can work with one of several grant programs the clinic has set up for people without insurance.

The clinic is open to everyone regardless of sexual orientation, Walls-Beegle said.

Any revenue generated by the clinic will go back into those grant programs, she said.

The doctors for the clinic will come from CAN Community Health, a medical organization that partners with other organizations with the purpose of providing medical, social and education resources to those organizations, according to their website.

“We wanted to create more access to HIV resources and services,” Walls-Beegle said.

The LGBT Life Center had access to HIV support services but with the addition of the clinic, they are now able to provide medical assistance as well, she said.

In addition to HIV support and medical care, the clinic also offers HIV/STI testing as well as follow-up treatment for any STI’s patients may have, and assistance with housing, transportation, support groups and a food pantry.

The clinic works in conjunction with the services the LGBT Life Center provides.

The clinic also has clinical mental health counselors and services on site, she said.

The pharmacy is projected to open around March or April, Walls-Beegle said, and they are in the process of opening a second clinic in Hampton on 20 Settlers Landing in the spring.

To find out more about the LGBT Life Center, click here.

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