You have the option of getting your Girl Scout cookies faster with this digital app. Here’s how

Girl Scout Cookie Troop 5292 selling cookies from their booth. (Southside Daily Photo/courtesy of Courtney Herrick)
Girl Scout Cookie Troop 5292 selling cookies from their booth. (Southside Daily Photo/courtesy of Courtney Herrick)

Girl Scout Cookie season started Jan. 5 and in addition to going door to door for sales, the Girl Scouts have the option of using the Digital Cookie app for the fifth year in a row, Digital Cookie 5.0.

The Digital Cookie app allows Girl Scouts to market their cookie business to local consumers, accept orders via credit card and activate cookie shipments directly to customers, said Courtney Herrick, public relations manager for Girl Scouts of Colonial Coast.

In addition to teaching the girls how to use technology for digital marketing, the app allows people to get their cookies sooner if they choose direct shipping.

As of right now, when you order your Girl Scout Cookies, they will be delivered to you starting Feb. 17.

You get to bypass that wait time by choosing the direct order, Herrick said.

Digital Cookie has been in use for five years and through this year’s app, Digital Cookie 5.0, girls have more options to personalize their websites, and they will have access to improved cookie sales data, including sales by cookie type and week-by-week trends, Herrick said.

“Digital cookie strengthens, expands and enhances the Girl Scout Cookie Program by combining the lessons and values of door-to-door and booth sales with crucial 21st century business and entrepreneurial skills,” she said.

Using the app also gives the girls the chance to attain all five of the skills they are taught to achieve through the cookie program: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics, Herrick said.

Girls who opted to use the Digital Cookie app in addition to the traditional way of selling door-to-door have sold more cookies than girls who didn’t, she said.

For example, based on 2016 sales data using Digital Cookie 2.0, girls who sold using a combination Digital Cookie and traditional methods sold 304 boxes of cookies while girls who only sold traditionally only sold 174, according to data provided by Girl Scouts of America.

So next time a Girl Scout knocks on your door, be sure to find out if they are using the Digital Cookie app and get your cookies faster.

Door-to-Door cookie sales and the Digital Cookie app went live on Jan. 5.

Girl Scout cookie booth sales begins Feb. 17.

Check out the Girls Scouts of Colonial Coast for more information.

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